Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund can be requested if you notify us via email within 7 days since the booking start date. IDOSPA shall not entertain any refund request for booking that has passed more than 7 days since the booking start date. Refund is only applicable if the spa or massage centre:

  1. Does not fulfill the services due to business closed temporarily or permanently;
  2. Failed to provide service due to the shortage of resources or emergency events.

You acknowledge and agree that made booking requires a full payment. No exchange will be offered after completing a booking. You are also aware that booked services from IDOSPA are subject to refund.

Your non-arrival by the agreed booking time may result in the cancellation of your entire booking. It is your responsibility to check all your booking details before payment completion.

IDOSPA will not make a refund to any unfulfilled bookings due to nature or emergency events that directly and/or indirectly caused by human errors, including but not limited to:

  1. Late arrival or fail to show up during booking duration under any circumstances;
  2. Fail to present your booking information upon arrival;
  3. Fail to verify your identity;
  4. Spa/massage centre rejection due to violence, sexual or any verbal and/or physical offense.
  5. Spa/massage centre rejection due to the gender-unmatching issue for Female Only labelled services.

Include your booking number and a brief description regarding your refund request in the email and send us at [email protected]. Any refund request without a valid booking number will not be accepted.

Once we have received your refund request, we shall notify you via your registered email. After we have inspected your refund request, we shall notify you once again via your registered email regarding the approval or rejection of your request.

Once your refund has been approved, the refund amount will be deposited into your preferred Malaysia bank account automatically. The transaction shall take 5 working days. Should you not receive a refund of an approved refund request, kindly contact your bank to check your bank account activities as some transactions take time to be shown or to be processed. Should the refund not found after you have checked with the bank, please contact us at [email protected].

IDOSPA reserves all rights, at our sole and unfettered discretion, but have no obligation, to refund and to refuse any refund or cancellation request, and to cancel any service to anyone for any reason at any time with or without prior notice.

For more information about Refund & Cancellation, please kindly refer to our FAQ.